YoSlash is a service for creating URL aliases that you can share with your team. An organization is a private workspace for your team’s aliases. Only authorized users can access your organization’s links.
A YoSlash link has two components:
  1. The hostname yo.
  2. A name.
For example, suppose you have a Google Document for onboarding new employees at your company. The URL for this document might be You can create the link yo/onboarding for this URL and share it with your team. Compared with the original URL, this link saves time because it is:
  • Memorable. People remember this link after seeing it once. When a new team member joins, existing members can recall this link and share it without sifting through bookmarks or other internal documents.
  • Short. People visit and share many URLs daily. When a URL is short and memorable, people may find it faster to type it instead of referencing a bookmark or another document.
  • Transparent. YoSlash encourages descriptive link names. People can glean meaning from the link without opening the link.

Configuring Your System

To get the most out of YoSlash, every user in your organization should be able to access YoSlash through the hostname yo. This allows users to access a link like yo/onboarding by typing yo/onboarding into their browser's address bar. The alternative is the less convenient equivalent Refer to Configuring Your System for more information.

What’s Next?

Signing In

If your team already uses YoSlash, learn how to access your team’s organization.

Creating a New Organization

If you are the first person on your team to use YoSlash, learn how to create a new organization.