YoSlash is a service for creating URL aliases that you can share with your team. An organization is a private workspace for your team’s aliases. Only authorized users can access your organization’s links.

A YoSlash link has two components:

  1. The hostname yo.
  2. A name.

For example, suppose you have a Google Document for onboarding new employees at your company. The URL for this document might be You can create the link yo/onboarding for this URL and share it with your team. Compared with the original URL, this link saves time because it is:

  • Memorable. People remember this link after seeing it once. When a new team member joins, existing members can recall this link and share it without sifting through bookmarks or other internal documents.
  • Short. People visit and share many URLs daily. When a URL is short and memorable, people may find it faster to type it instead of referencing a bookmark or another document.
  • Transparent. YoSlash encourages descriptive link names. People can glean meaning from the link without opening the link.